Thursday, February 11, 2016

Monopoly Dollars

Monopoly dollars

Today we used a prioritization method that I've never used before with Monopoly money. The whole team participates in this. We laid out each epic and feature and use the Monopoly money to vote on which we thoughts were priority. Then we added up the values and this gave us our first order of priority. After that, we each took a turn moving a feature up or down, and the product owner went last, and that's how we decided the final priority.

After we got all of our features prioritized we were able to set up a roadmap. We counted the amount of features we had and the amount of weeks we have left in the semester, and we used this to gauge how many features we should plan to complete in each sprint.

After we completed the roadmap we did user stories for our first set of tasks. I put them into Trello and we fleshed out the acceptance crieteria. The next step is that we have to do poker planning for these tasks at our meeting before class next week.

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